“We pray for our fathers, pray for our mothers, wishing our families well” Michael Jackson https://t.co/05pGGwjm9M
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“Who gave you the right to shake my family tree? They put a knife in my back shot an arrow in me. Tell me are you t… https://t.co/xF2xAYjqHa
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Michael Jackson's Estate Hits Back at 'Leaving Neverland' Michael Jacksons Estate Hit Back At “Leaving Neverland”

John Branca said the film's subjects were motivated by money.
“Everyday create your HIStory” Michael Jackson https://t.co/ja6ynnDTg6
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Michael Jackson fashion icon (2013) https://t.co/EdpcRWVlPJ
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Michael Jackson's Forgotten Humanitarian Legacy Michael Jackson’s Forgotten Humanitarian Legacy

following is an excerpt from the recently published book, Earth Song: Michael Jackson and the Art of Compassion. Perhaps the most common trait...
Guns N' Roses' Slash Reveals His Real Thoughts About Michael Jackson Slash Interview About Michael Jackson

N' Roses legend Slash had a recent interview with Kerrang and revealed how was it like to hang out with Michael Jackson. Kerrang: "How did you end up working with Michael Jackson on ...
Michael Jackson’s Family Responds to Leaving Neverland in a New Documentary Michael Jackson’s Family Respond To Leaving Neverland In New Documentary

Firsthand features interviews with Jackson’s inner circle—and harshly rebukes the pedophilia allegations made in the HBO film.
James Safechuck's lawsuit against Michael Jackson 'damaged' by Leaving Neverland Janes Safechuck lawsuit against Michael Jackson’s Estate damaged by “Leaving Neverland”

Safechuck has accused Michael Jackson of sexual abuse.

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