“For me the gift of music has been a blessing from God” Michael Jackson https://t.co/gDt7tRRo5u
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Man In The Mirror Grammy Awards - Michael Jackson https://t.co/X60ZUnlZEZ
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“Leaving Neverland” Weaves A Provocative Narrative But Is It Just One Big Lie? - Top... “I realised by initial reaction to #LeavingNeverland was wrong.” Dan Stephens

I posted my reaction to Dan Reed’s documentary Leaving Neverland, one person on Twitter said it was fake news, that, by extension, I was wittingly contributing to ...
“Black man, black mail, throw your brother in jail. All I want to say is that they don't really care about us” Mich… https://t.co/4xfGAapeL7
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Michael Jackson Estate Says Leaving Neverland's Facts Don't Add Up, But 'No One Has Really... Leaving Neverland Facts Don’t Add Up

to soften the impact of HBO's Leaving Neverland, which alleges that Michael Jackson sexually abused two children, the late singer's estate has been informing the media of its many concerns about the ...
Statement from Diana Ross

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