1983 | Thriller (Short Film) | Michael Jackson https://t.co/SmUM9Z4Fbu
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1992 | Beat It (Live) | Michael Jackson https://t.co/6uZ08zmaAD
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Are you ready for Michael Jackson Thriller 3D? In @IMAX theatres from Friday! #Thriller3D

Website updated includes UK venues:

Michael Jackson Thriller 3D IMAX
Michael Jackson Thriller3D - Update

For those who keep asking there’s still no confirmed IMAX venues for Thriller. We keep asking but nothing. We recommend keep checking this link:

Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D coming soon... but hold on, doesn’t all of Michaels videos deserve this treatment?
Michael Jackson Thriller3D - IMAX UPDATE

If and when tickets become available - tickets can be ordered through the official IMAX website: https://www.imax.com/movies/house-clock-its-walls-michael-jacksons-thriller
1983 Thriller vs 2018 Thriller 3D

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