Michael Jackson Fanatic Enters Big Brother

big brotherMichael Jackson fanatic Sean O’Kane from Derry became the latest Irish contestant in Big Brother last night.

The 25-year-old charity worker from Ardmore near Derry city made headlines around the world in 2005 when he was photographed waving the Tricolour at the oddball singer’s acquittal on child molestation charges.

sean okan‘Seany’, as he is known, is being tipped to win the show for his wacky personality.

SDLP councillor Colum Eastwood, who met Sean on a peace march when the curly-haired charity worker was working as a race relations councillor in Liverpool, said he has a lively personality and a great singing voice.

“He’s quite a character and quite a good Michael Jackson impersonator. In fact, he won a karaoke contest in a bar in Derry impersonating Michael Jackson and won a crate of beer. I wouldn’t be surprised if the public sees him doing Michael Jackson songs in the house.”

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