During an interview with the swedish newspaper “Aftonbladet” producer RedOne (who is behind some of Lady Gaga’s mega-hits Paparazzi, Just Dance, Bad Romance etc.) revealed that he wants to release songs he and Michael were working with before MJ passed away.

“I have the songs. But I don’t want to release them and take the money for myself. I’m waiting for an option so that they can help the poor”. Nadir “RedOne” Khayit also states that he has started talking with Michael Jackson’s lawyers “Yes, I have talked to his lawyers. We have only concluded thay I have the songs, and we will sit down and talk more later.”

RedOne also believes that this is what Michael would have wished for: “Michael was an amazing and wonderful human being. I believe this is what we would have wanted.”

Source: Afton Bladet / MichaelfanSK