On the 6th of November, the Michael Jackson website www.jacksonsecretvault.com released a statement saying “In an effort to overcome the confusion as to the authenticity of the track the estate has recently released we want to give an actual authentic Michael Jackson track to the world … for free.” Howard Mann, Katherine’s partner in the company, tells TMZ.

However, it appears the website has now back tracked on that statement by issuing the following:

This track was NOT released by Mrs. Jackson, this is a dance remake created from unreleased masters in the JacksonSecretVault.com archives. We sincerely apologize to the fans for any confusion.

Not only has the website back tracked, Michael’s family appear to have something to say about it:

“Dear fans: I just spoke with my Mother and she did NOT authorize the release of the demo track called Opus None.
I personally think it was sampled together by an unauthorized party…. Please don’t believe gossip sites….” Jackie Jackson

“Just talked to my grandma. She didn’t even know about the “song”, nor did she authorize it. We are getting to the bottom of this. Uncle Jackie beat me to it…lol” Taj Jackson

The unreleased remix: