A rare copy of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker film featuring the iconic dance sequence of ‘Smooth Criminal’ was located this week in Studio City, California.

Amy Redman, a raw stock broker who worked with Moonwalker’s live action director, Colin Chilvers for a number of years, came forward Tuesday with three reels of film that contain over 30 minutes of footage.

“I have the only release print ever made for use in the USA. It consists of the live action portion of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker. Michael had a dream and Moonwalker is the result of his visions,” said Redman.

Chilvers had this print made to screen for his TV commercial clients…a reel of his current work so to speak….after having spent years on Moonwalker’s production with Michael Jackson. Redman had the print inspected by a local film historian/projectionist who verified the print is in good condition. Redman had worked closely with the Chilvers on the production. The reels had been in Redman’s procession for years. It was not until Michael Jackson’s death that Redman decided to come forward with the reels.

Redman is hopeful a deal can be worked out for the purchase of the print. “At this time I feel it’s the best opportunity to get this footage to parties that are willing to appreciate the vast talents of Michael Jackson, which I witnessed personally.”

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