Anka and michael

Speaking to The Globe & Mail, Paul Anka who co-wrote “Love Never Felt So Good” had this to say about the King of Pop Michael Jackson:

His genius was that he had a very strong and passionate love for what he was doing and knowing himself. You could put a drum and a piano and maybe a bass with all those sounds he makes and his whole wherewithal with himself, and what he was capable of doing was remarkable.

He was very unusual in the way he approached a song. I’d have to sell him on some chords, and convince him that it could be different or better. Then, once he got in the loop with me, he contributed, but not in an aggressive way. He was a very mild-mannered and shy human being.

Anka reveals “there are many, many more songs” from his sessions with Michael. “They’ll all come out,” he says, “as they need them.”