Hello #MJFam:

Although there are no details to share with you yet, given the impending changes in the availability of Tik Tok to new users in the US, the Estate felt it was important to give MJ fans a heads up that Michael’s catalog will be coming to the platform in the near future so that all fans in the US who want to be able to access the catalog on Tik Tok will be able to do so by downloading the app in the USA before tomorrow, Sunday, September 20th.  After that, it is unclear when the app will be back in the App Store on either Apple or Android or otherwise available to new users in the US. Fans that already have the app downloaded should not worry, as it won’t affect you.

Make sure to share this information with other US MJ Fans so that all of his fans around the world, including in the US, will be able to create videos with Michael’s music on the platform when it does become available!  We will let you know when the date has been confirmed. Best,

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