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Michael’s Acts of Kindness

Hello #MJFam: The Estate has asked us to share the attached letter from Tom Mesereau to you. He and The Estate are creating an extensive archive of as many of the acts of kindness that Michael performed during his lifetime as is possible to compile including, especially, the lesser-publicized…

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Heal the World 2020

Hi #MJFam: We hope that this finds you healthy and safe during these uncertainties. Feeling connected to a community while physically distancing is one of the most important things that you can do to help navigate the anxiety around CoronaVirus. The Estate has created…

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New Capsule Collection In the Michael Jackson Store

Hi #MJFam: 25 Years ago, Michael released one of the most forceful and impactful albums of his career – a double album which featured his greatest hits and all-new material that addressed racial injustice, police brutality, false accusations, the tabloid media, climate change,…

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Michael Jackson Coming To TikTok

Hello #MJFam: Although there are no details to share with you yet, given the impending changes in the availability of Tik Tok to new users in the US, the Estate felt it was important to give MJ fans a heads up that Michael’s…

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