PRESS RELEASE: Vegas, Music, Friedman, Randy and Lies

There have been several news reports regarding Mr. Michael Jackson that are untrue, defamatory and malicious in nature.

CONTACT: Raymone K. Bain
June 27, 2007

Washington, D.C. …. There have been several news reports regarding Mr. Michael Jackson that are untrue, defamatory and malicious in nature.

Mr. Jackson is not bedridden nor on any type of medication…including painkillers. In fact, Mr. Jackson is doing very well, and conducted a meeting with his advisors yesterday, which included Former Attorney General Benjamin R. Civiletti, and Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., among others.

There was no press release issued from Mr. Jackson’s organization regarding any European tour plans. Despite reports to the contrary, Mr. Jackson is currently in the studio putting finishing touches on his music.

Mr. Jackson has not “left” Las Vegas nor is he being “evicted” from his residence in Las Vegas. He decided not to exercise the option to purchase the house. Period.

Mr. Jackson does not believe that his brother, Randy Jackson, has stolen monies from him, nor does he believe that Randy, or any of his family members, would ever steal from him. Reports regarding the same were untrue and malicious.

Contrary to published reports, Mr. Jackson is neither losing, nor is he selling his share of the ATV/Sony partnership. Reports regarding the same are ludicrous, without merit, and are being written without sufficient personal financial information to make such an unwarranted pronouncement.

Mr. Jackson is concerned that his assistant, Grace Rwaramba, is constantly being attacked by Fox News’ Roger Friedman.

There have been vicious and untrue reports concerning Ms. Rwaramba, who lives a very private life and has done nothing wrong, but is being attacked for her professional relationship and proximity to Mr. Jackson.

While in his entire career, Mr. Jackson has never uttered a disparaging word to any reporter, nor has he ever used or instructed his security to use any force toward any reporter, there are those whose vehement hatred for Mr. Jackson has reached a level where all journalistic integrity has been lost, in order to write reports for which there is no substantiation, are untrue, written to create a frenzy, or used to try and destroy Mr. Jackson’s image.

They know who they are; and, this is a sad commentary…a commentary which Mr. Jackson’s attorneys will address.

Michael Jackson Management

MJSTAR: Jackson Rep Reveals Future Plans

An on-going feud with a Fox News reporter has led Michael Jackson’s manager to reveal the star’s future plans exclusively to MJStar.

Jackson’s manager, Raymone Bain, has spent the past few days wrangling with Fox News reporter Roger Friedman.

Friedman alleged in a column on Wednesday that Jackson had fabricated claims that he was working on a new album, claiming the the star was actually bed-ridden and addicted to painkillers.

The infamous columnist, despised amongst Jackson’s online fan community, further alleged that Jackson would be forced to sell his half of the notorious Beatles Catalogue within the next year.

Bain swiftly released a counter-statement claiming Jackson had no intention of selling the catalogue. She added that Jackson was not bed-ridden and was, in fact, putting the finishing touches on new music.

Bain concluded her statement with the threat of legal action.

Today saw Friedman attack Bain once more, labelling her a liar and claiming his allegations were supported by legal documents he had obtained.

Speaking exclusively to MJStar this afternoon, Bain responded to Friedman’s attack with the following statement:

“[Roger] could do no more than to create a subterfuge. I stand by my release. If you go back and look at Roger’s past reports, he defended me, now he attacks me…I expected it.”

When quizzed by MJStar as to the true status of Jackson’s new album, Ms Bain exclusively revealed;

“He is going to release several singles prior to the album being released. He’s finishing up the first 3-4 now.”

She added that these singles will be released before the end of 2007.

MJStar asked whether Jackson would promote these singles with either music videos or live performances.

As yet, Bain has declined to comment…