It’s clear whose side Roger Friedman is on, but then again this man has always been on the opposition side of Michael.

In his latest efforts to convince fans, Friedman’s latest article claims the Cascio’s (who are behind the outrageous track Breaking News) have proof the King Of Pop DID record the song with evidence of Notation? Seriously? Is this a joke?

“Sony sources say Eddie Cascio has provided notes written on lyric sheets in Michael’s unmistakable handwriting.” Friedman continues “Sources tell me there’s plenty of proof left behind by Michael that he provided the vocals on 12 tracks. Michael wasn’t just sitting around that whole time in the studio. He worked on the songs, and there’s evidence of it in the notations.”

Now, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that Notation doesn’t prove a singer sung a song.

Source: Showbiz411